Bring out the tissue

I know that a new mama needs practical things. And beautiful things. And things that will help her survive… like Starbucks gift cards.

But don’t forget the touching sentiment… and the fact that her pre-delivery stew of hormones makes her ripe for a cheap thrill by being the ‘thoughtful’ one who made her turn on the tears… at the shower… in front of everyone.

It’s a little mean and a little nice. Like sugar and salt (who doesn’t like that combo???).

Here’s two books to give that brand spanking new mama at her baby shower and make. her. cry.

1) Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman.

It’s a beautiful story about a parent’s love for their child. But, even better, you can read it as a story of God’s love for us. (I, personally, have a lot more confidence in God’s love being ever present in my child’s life than mine… just saying.)

I cry every. single. time. I read this when I am pregnant. Just sittin’ there welling up in good ole B&N.


But… the key is to add in a lil’ inscription on the cover. Like so…


2) Someday by Alison Mcghee & Peter H. Reynolds



I got this one at Scout’s shower and my heart just wrenched right out. A beautiful series of somedays that a mother looks towards for her daughter. Made me want to clench my kiddos tight and send them soaring at the same time… killer. And awesome. All at the same time.


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One thought on “Bring out the tissue

  1. Great recommendations! I will check them out. I was thinking of your original Disney Princess posts, and I thought you should check out Erin’s blog since she talks a bit about that….

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