Rediscovering My Spookiness

I won’t shirk from it. I was wrong. I am a party pooper in need of an intervention. Participating makes the festivities fun. Even Halloween.

I’m still vetoing ghoulish, creepy, grotesque-y stuff. But I remembered how much I liked a little tiny bit of spookiness as a kid, and how pumped I’d get on dressing up, getting candy and stomping through the cold inky night.

We had fun people! FUN!

I was inspired by Design Mom’s post and video on her own decorating for Halloween. She is also not a creepy Halloween-er, but she’s open to the fun of it. The beauty of spooky and night.

Also, she is far more full of grace than I. As a result I made an attempt to sand down some more of those sharp opinionated edges that sprout all over me and enjoy.

This post we focus on… decorations!

I decided since Bug was so keen on decorating I would focus on home-crafted kid decor… also we have lots of construction paper and glue already so these decorations were free. (I’m zeroed in on that gorgeous wreath Design Mom made for next year… and the apple lights… beautiful.)


IMG_2223 IMG_2217

Bats. (Some with lavender hearts… soooo creepy.)


I’m smitten with these ghosts.


Inspired by this incredible wedding backdrop I made paper garlands for our hearth tree.

IMG_2345 IMG_2343_2 IMG_2340

Looking forward to more next year!!!! And loads of fun spooky Halloween nights in the future!

Happy (late) Halloween everyone!

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